God becomes Flesh


Jesus Tattoo

This month, with Christmas looming, we’re going to be exploring an amazing thing called the “Incarnation”. Basically it means “God becoming flesh”, which when you think about messes with your mind a bit.

John 1:14: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Big perfect God.

Little crappy us.

But God decides that the best way to make things right, is to beam on down to this tiny speck of a planet (Bethlehem), wrapped up in flesh and blood and bones and emotions (Jesus), and get amongst all of it.

As I said, it messes with your mind a bit.

  • Why did He do it? What was the point? Wasn’t there some easier way?
  • Why was God willing to go to such extremes to meet us right where we are?
  • And why in a stinky barn, out the back of some dodgy Inn, born seemingly illegitimately to some unmarried lass in some hole of a town?
  • Was God just having a laugh, or does this tell us something about who God and Jesus are?


  1. Kathryn Said:

    in this day of people isolating, by choice, by circumstance or by culture……… we have look at what Jesus thinks of us isolating. how we affect each other in every look,. gesture, ……………….whatever……says alot about us as people and what we believe enough to put it into practice. Interesting that surveys done lately ……………people are craving being accepted , wanted, and valualble by their community … but what is my community ……………..my family, my work, my extended family including the ones i don’t particularly get on with, those on the driving lanes around me, sitting on the bus , grocery shopping even well its hardto get to a depth of relationship there but at least there is a chance to impact someone, and make a difference. my street where i live is my mission for my communtiy. but this new kitchen is a work in progress which includes my passion for true community ethics and issues and relationships lived out.

  2. Sara Said:

    in the bigger picture i guess we can all feel a little insignificant, but!!! if u think how much of a difference I can make in the world by just being a little nicer or doing something for someone u wouldnt normally do , u never know how much of a differernece u make or the ripples that would be caused.

  3. We feel that God was willing to go to such extremes to meet us where we are because, before he had sent his son to us, he had already created man, and God, who made us – sees all the good and potential that we have. By coming together we can experince the good and God-like qualities that we each possess and we as a community can support each other on our journeys.
    Community just makes sense.

  4. sherb Said:

    We seem to put our selfs down a lot when it comes to compearing our selfs with the big guy, but we all know he loves us no matter what, so i guess if the G man wants 2 hang out wih us we must b pretty cool. Not saying theres no room 4 improvment but thats its great 2 think he loves us as much he does.

  5. Lou Said:

    Hey everyone!

    I really wanna live in real connection with my Father and be able, like Jesus. to “do the things I see my Father doing” and to know others as He knows them etc…Wow that would make such a huge difference to the way we relate to people, how we minister, how we share, how we talk, what we do….

  6. Jonathan Said:

    Community.. with other people who get the God groove in life! Im really liking it, coming from the coast where being spiritual and talking about “Jesus” was one of those awesome trips on acid or something, which left me feeling somewhat leftout. But coming to a commmunity like this (this being what it is, even while its still forming) is really encouraging and im meeting others like me like Sherb who have similar ‘goals’ in life etc. Its something i want to support *nod of head*

  7. Alistair Said:

    What i can’t get around is the completely impossible to resolve differences between God’s apparent thinking and how i try to comprehend. Jesus operates outside of time so at the beginning, when he came, when he left, when he returns when we are always together is all the same space to Him when I am trying to make sense of a storyline. For me God would have to have done some kind of cost-benefit analysis to see if we were worth the massive spend, where for him there appears to be just relationship.

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