Beauty in Weakness


Society tells me that to live life to the fullest, to be a real success, I have to be clever, confidant and self-sufficient. That showing any sign of weakness is simply revealing a soft spot for people to attack. That I need to strive to conceal any flaws that I do have – and to keep them locked up and to myself. That the people that are worth anything in this world are strong – bullet proof – impervious to anything that gets thrown their way.

But I’m sick of pretending like I’m tough all the time. Pretending that I’ve got it all together when the truth is I’m a weak, fragile, broken person.

What if there was such a thing as beauty in weakness? Not that we should wallow in our own misery and self-pity – but what if when we’re at our lowest, at our most pathetic, at our most honest – that something sort of beautiful happened.

When you think about it – beauty in weakness can be seen all around us.
…in the way that people look beautiful when they cry, And in the way that it’s beautiful when mother comforts a child who’s grazed there knee or has been bullied at school. Or the beauty of everyone chipping in to help push a car to a garage when it’s helpless owner has broken down at an intersection. Jesus dying on a cross was brutal and grotesque – but at the same time the act was indescribably beautiful.

Maybe us humans are at our best – or worst – when we’re in the midst of weakness. We’re forced to either help, or take advantage, of the situation in front of us… and when we help, that’s when true beauty emerges.

I think the Kitchen should be a place where we can come and be weak together. A place where we can drop our guard and be honest around one another. Where we can rely on people other than ourselves to help us along… where we can stop protecting our precious reputations, and let it all hang out.

Because without weakness – without crisis – or as Paul put it in Corinthians, without handicaps – we don’t really get to road test what it means to be a community. Because without weakness we would never need other people – and God created us to need other people. Our defining moments in life – the times that change us forever – are when we are weak and out of control. And it’s only through Jesus that such a crazy idea where a bunch of broken, limping people with all sorts of issues and baggage and anxieties like us could somehow come together and actually find strength amongst each other.

So today – rather than spending time celebrating success and being strong and invincible and tough – we’re going to celebrate the beauty of weakness, and the way in which our own times of weakness – the battle scares we carry around, the bruises that are still healing, and our weak tendencies – allow our lives to be better than if we were strong and self sufficient all the time.


*Share when a time of weakness changed your perspective on life for the better…
*What are your scars and bruises that you’ve learnt from?
*What is an area in your life that you feel weakness in?
*How could you allow yourself to rely on others more with this? How could you rely on God more?
*Why do you think God allows us to be weak?
*Why do we always try to hide it? What are we really afraid of?
*By Jesus choosing to become human he opted into weakness when he could have stayed in total control. Why would he do this?
*Does this change how you think of your own weaknesses?



  1. Jowall Said:

    Great distraction from study … feeling weak as ever

    have a look at this image

  2. Chris Spark Said:

    I know tyhis is a pretty old post, but it was lovely to read someone talk about beauty in weakness from 2 Cor 12. Your reminder about the beauty in the cross was so lovely – the foolish weakness of Jesus on the Cross that is, if we’ll only see it, the power and wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:18-25), that makes our weakness beautiful to God. I wish I’d take my weakness more seriously more often to get out of the way of Christ’s power.
    Choice mates, look forward to seeing some of you crew again soon when I am back in the good city of Christchurch.
    God bless in Christ

  3. That. Is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say. Click

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