Meeting God in Creation

Read Psalm 19

If I asked you to tell me how many books the Christian faith is based on, most of you would probably say one – that being The Bible. You might say something clever like the lion the witch and the wardrobe or The Matrix… but most of you would say The Bible. Which is a good answer – I’m not saying your all stupid or anything.

But the bible actually talks about TWO books. One of those being The Bible – and the other one being Creation. Both books play an essential role in growing us – but for those of us that don’t like reading all the time, this creation thing is bloody good news!

Now don’t let all those Scientists take the magic of Creation away from you. Whether God took a couple of days or millions of years to do it – the design of creation is undeniable. Just go out and look at the way things fit together – atoms in cells, cells in life forms, life forms in groups, groups within an eco system, eco system within a planet, a planet within a solar system… and I think you get my point. Next time you’re outside – take a look at how things are ordered and just try, honestly believing it all just “happened” to work together. The odds are staggering.

The beauty, the colours, the smells, the tastes, the touches, the synergy of life flowing out of and into one another …non of this can be explained away by calculations… it just is!

But engaging with God through creation isn’t something you do one or two days a year – but it’s something that you practice as a way of life. As you learn to look at creation as a source of insight into God, into his nature, his purpose, the whole divine order of things, you find yourself confronted with an opportunity to do something mind blowing. You are given the opportunity to enter into an encounter with God in which you’re seeking him in an entirely new kind of way.

St. Basil was a guy who lived back in the 300’s – and even back then, he said this. “I want creation to penetrate you with so much admiration that wherever you go, the least plant may bring a clear remembrance of the Creator. One blade of grass or one speck of dust is enough to occupy your entire mind in beholding the art with which it has been made.”

But all this sounds quite romantic doesn’t it – talking about seeing God in creation, but then not really acting like we can learn anything new about him from it. But today I want to challenge that – because we can learn a lot about God just by looking around us…because if God designed it, fashioned it, crafted it, made it, gave it life… then he will have left his mark on it.

A glimmer of his personality. And if our hearts are open to discovering and experiencing him through his creation…then we’ll keep finding out new aspects to God via his creation.

The grass in your backyard can be sacred; dandelion fluff and clicking beetles can be your Holy Mountain. These simple part of life reflect the face and handiwork of God…if we’re willing to search for them.

Go for a walk through creation – intentionally pick up, observe and investigate things as you do. Look at them and ask this question: What Does This Tell Me About God?



  1. Sara Said:

    I have to say, just simply being reminded to pause and thank God for being so awesome and take note of all the creation that surrounds us has really changed my week. I feel inspired. It feels really good.

  2. Mahlah Said:

    Funny, I went to church on sunday and its been challenged me to focus on Jesus in everyday situations. I’ve been stuggling to remember his presence in my life, or remembering, but a little too late. Today I saw the most amazing hawk doing that things where they hardly move their wings, they just float and glide and it all seems so effortless….And it made me realise that I dont have to keep freaking out that i dont always find God at work or in the car or whatever…hes chilling out with me, everywhere I am.

  3. Did the fish survive?


  4. Spanky Said:

    Yep – Mohammad is still going strong in my aquarium! He/she must be anointed or something…

  5. А я считаю, что все это верно и очень точно подмечено! И таких мелочей можно накопать тысячу.

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