Christmas Parcels

Last week we got together to explore how we could be practical incarnations in our world. We began with the intention of pooling some cash together so we could put some Christmas food parcels together for people who might appreciate a helping hand. We managed to get together way more dosh than we ever thought possible, and went on a mission to Pak n Save together to go shopping! It proved quite a task getting 8 males and 1 female to agree on what we should buy, but thanks to the grace of God we managed to assemble these boxes, which will be distributed to families.

Food Parcels

Some of us also worked on making beaded necklaces to include in the packs…


…while others did some bidding on Trademe for pre-loved toys.

This from Matt
The week is turning out to be out of the busiest in months so I haven’t looked at outreach stuff. Chris Todd has yet to ring me back although I did leave a message saying I’d ring him during the week… I guess at this stage the important thing is to allow people two things

  1. Input of ideas of things to add to the food and necklaces – do we add in a card or other items, wrapping? – would anyone like to add in any other gifts, money? Is there anything in our own home that we could gift?
  2. The opportunity to come together to put the packs together – I envisage the gifts being ready mid December so I’d like to have an evening where people can come and chill at our place (17 Everest St, Burnside) and do some more necklace making and maybe other bits and pieces. This would probably happen next week on Thursday night, Dec 7 is it at 7:30. Come for as long or little as you like…

That is all I can think of for now…back into the madness! Matt.

Something else we suggested people looking at for Christmas this year was Tearfunds Gifts for Life. What could be better than a piglet, goat or toilet seat voucher on Christmas morning? Plus that warm fuzzy feeling you get from knowing you’ve helped people overseas who REALLY need a gift this season, rather than a George Forman grill for Nana. Sure beats wrestling your way around The Warehouse anyway…


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  1. Jonathan Said:

    So uhh… how did they go?

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