The Next Step


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Firstly, thanks so much for all of your involvement last Sunday night. Great food, great people and some great exchanges were had no doubt. I know it was a long one, but I think we covered alot of ground and had some valuable conversation about what we’re looking for in a new faith community. Not to mention how much closer to Christ I’m sure we all felt due to the chocolate fountain… As it turns out, it seems that all of us had a lot in common as far as what we would like church to be like.I also recognise that there is quite a bit of caution about what this community might mean; the idea will probably be challenging and scary for all of us in a variety of different ways. But sometimes the scariest and riskiest places are the places where God will do his most exciting work…So what’s the next step in this experiment then? Well, after our discussion about what would be the best “model” to try out, it seemed that most people were keen on giving this monthly rotation type thing a trial run. The plan goes like this; A few of us, with the help of those big comment sheets we all wrote on, will organise a taster of what a month following this rotating gathering would be like. Now, this is not any kind of dictatorship of what the gathering will be like! Rather, its more like an experimental display model that we can all try out and tinker with. Most importantly, just because a few of us will be organising the practical aspects (the form), we should all expect to be asked to be involved in various aspects of the gathering, or just randomly participate (the content). And any suggestions/ideas/offers of help will be gladly received as well! As we all agreed, Church is much more than something we do for a couple of hours a week. So don’t go thinking that our sole aim is to perfect a gathering….I’m hoping their will be much more to this community than that! But this is simply our starting point, and we’ll move onto other aspects of developing our community from here.

What I’m asking from you guys is whether each of you are willing to commit to coming along and genuinely participating in this initial month of gatherings, and then being involved in a critique session of what we like and what we would change.

If, after our Sunday conversation, you feel like the direction of this community is not where you’re at, then thats cool. As I said, no one signed up to 20 years of service by participating in our conversation.

If you (and/or your family) are keen as mustard after last Sundays conversation to jump on board for a month and see where this dingy is sailing, then welcome aboard! (That was cheesy, aye?)

If you’re feeling unsure about this whole thing, which will be most of you I imagine, but you still feel drawn to the ideas and values expressed last Sunday, then I encourage you to keep praying and seeking whether God is leading you to be involved in the next step of this community.

And so the ball is in your court. Just drop me an email sometime soonish to let me know if your keen to be committed to this first month of gatherings, or if your not that keen to be involved. As I said, their is no pressure and I’m appreciative of the time that you have been willing to give to give us your point of view. And if you want to catch up over coffee to kick some things around again that’s fine. As soon as I have some idea of where you guys are at I can start to get these tester gatherings into motion…I’m hoping we’ll have a starting date penciled in within the next few weeks.

Over the next few weeks I’ll also be catching up with some other people who have expressed interest in getting involved in this next step, so expect to see some new faces and email address added to our list.

I look forward to hearing back from you! I’m a bit nervous actually… and don’t forget to keep praying!


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