The Gathering of the Twelve

12 (or so) of us gathered to talk, converse, eat, laugh, play, and see if we could work what our faith community would look like in reality.

Truth, love, transparency, people who are unafraid of appearing vulnerable or not perfect and people who aren’t afraid to challenge others (loving of coarse). More of the chocolate fountain.
Having a wee impact for general goodness on the non or never churchy world. Get outside my superficial comfort zone and sense of “control”?
Spirit filled worship. People full of life and passion for God – but also REAL and able to relate to the world. FOOD – its all about food and sharing life.
The bonds of friendship, transforming community that accepts all the dirt and pain of living amongst all the community members.
Real community, participation, innovation not cheesiness. Somewhere where people can discover without signing up for life.
Real presence of God stuff. People who know each other well, share honestly, help each other overcome weakness, encourage each other to grow.
Honestly INTEGRITY humility, sense of humour, truth, NO politics, transparency, acceptance, tough love, relationships. Allowed to grow/make mistakes. Practical helping outside of church. More prayer. Sofas and coffee – not just at the end.
New forms of worship, Using talents to worship, maybe some privacy, 100% comfort and confidence and trust. Discussion.


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