It is time to begin…


For almost a year now, myself and a few others in this room, have dreamt about what Tonight might look like. Would it be at a church, over beer and pizza, in a bible study, or would it not begin at all, and just fade away…

Tonight we stop being the stewards of this fragile idea. No longer is this MY thing or Mathews thing. It is now OUR thing. Everyone in this room now owns a small, equally sized piece of whatever this uncertain thing is. Together we will choose what it will grow into, or if it will grow at all.

God has lead us all into this room together tonight for some reason. Our God is not a God who does things in vain, but a God who always has purpose. All of you have been chosen to be involved in this conversation because of who you are, where you’ve come from and the voice that you bring to the group. Everyone’s opinions and thoughts are vital and valued in this conversation.

We’ve all gone to Churches and complained about how things are done and what you’d change if you were given a chance. Tonight is that rare opportunity for all of us to be involved in shaping what a new church community might look and feel like.

Tonight is simply a conversation. By participating tonight, no one is committing to 20 years of church service. We are simply talking. There is value alone in all of us, as believers, being, eating, and playing together, and discussing what a fresh expression of Church could be.

We aren’t here as a sad gang of bitter people who want to vent aloud about our negative experiences of the past. But we are here tonight to talk positively about what our future together as Gods people may hold.

The good news is that God has shown up tonight. As we talk, the Holy Spirit will be working, knitting, meshing his purpose through us tonight. And only God knows whether the things spoken of tonight will take root…but I have a hunch that he’s got something up his sleeve.

It is time to begin…


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